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Ford Mustang - Bespoke Build

The bespoke build offers you an opportunity to design your classic Mustang the way you want it.  It is the ultimate way to own your dream Mustang, knowing it is virtually new from the day you drive away.This is a fantastic way to own your dream Mustang.  With this bespoke build you have the opportunity to customise the car exactly how you want it:     * Model Year (1964-1973)     * Body Style (Coupe, Fastback, or Convertible)     * Exterior Colour & Style (e.g. Shelby, GT, Stock)     * Interior Colour & Style (e.g. Deluxe, Standard, Shelby, Sport)

     * Engine & Transmission (e.g. Size, Performance Options, etc)

     * Suspension, Steering & Braking (e.g. Stock, Sport, Discs, Independent Coil-Over)        * Wheels & Tyres 

     * Plus more...

We will guide you through the options, and accurately advise what is possible within your personal budget.  The price is very much dictated by the model year, body style, and specification, but is always calculated on an individual basis. 

You will be provided with pictures during the restoration, supplied in a collection at the end.  We are so confident with our work, we can offer guarantees for our restored work and new mechanical parts.

Each car is unique, and we put our heart and soul into making sure it is exactly what you want.

​The pictures below are examples of options, and vehicles at various stages of their builds:

Please send an email with any questions, or your request for a personal quote, to:


Or use the web form below (please be sure to check the spelling of your email address, and include a contact telephone number).

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