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Work Example - 1966 Mustang Dash Repair

The vehicle was brought in for some cosmetic restoration, and preparation, as part of a birthday gift to the client's wife.  Part of which was a repair to the dash...


The dash itself had been hacked apart by a previous owner, to install a tasteless CD head unit.  It had carelessly been opened up, and left a lot to do to be rectified.


It was fully disassembled, exposing the bare dash; then, using a factory stamped repair panel, a section was cut away.  This section allowed the replacement panel to be modified to fit, and begin the repair of the dash.


Once in place, it was tack welded, then continued to be welded.  All welds were ground down, and minor body filler used to fill and smooth the scratches left behind.  Part of this restoration included an interior overhaul, and an off-white (similar to Wimbledon White) paint was used to lighten the dark interior.


Further to the restoration of the dash, a customised radio was created.  Using an original, non-working, 1965/1966 AM Radio, it was converted to house a digital screen allowing the use of modern features such as USB, MP3, iPod / iPhone, and bluetooth technology.  This was attached to speakers at the front and rear of the car, discretely placed of course.


The beauty of this radio is that in appearance it is like a 1965/1966 AM Radio, but in reality the user benefits from modern technologies and sound qualities.


We can create this for you.  Send an email with your request.

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