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1967 Ford Mustang Convertible - Bespoke Example

This  1967 Ford Mustang Convertible, was a bespoke build for a customer.


A rust free, Caifornian, 1967 Mustang Convertible was sourced, at which time it was stripped to bare metal throughout, and received epoxy primer, and custom metallic red paintwork.


The suspension was completely stripped and rebuilt, using all new components.  The owner opted for a combination of stock and sport suspension - the ride height is lowered 1" from standard, and comfortable shock absorbers installed.


Both the engine and automatic transmission were rebuilt, to stock specification, provding power in excess of 250bhp, and smooth shifting between all gears.  A dual exhaust was fitted, with true H pipe to equalise pressures, with a tone that says "Ford V8".


On the interior, it was completely custom made - the upholstery is full leather, with bespoke stitching and piping.  The speakers are hidden within the quarter panels and kick panels, mated to an amplifier inside the trunk.  It is not obtrusive, and very enjoyable on long journeys.


All electrical items were rebuilt, including replacement of wiring harnesses, and switches.  The car also was upgraded with power door locks for the owner's convenience.


Other improvements / upgrades included:

  • Luggage Rack

  • 15" Styled Steel Wheels

  • Front Disc Brakes

  • Flaming River Steering Box

  • Rebuilt Rear Axle

  • New Fuel & Brake Lines

  • New Convertible Top (Tan)

  • Tilt Steering Column

  • Crystal Headlights

  • LED Taillights with Amber Indicator

  • And much more...


This is just an example of how customised the car can be, with the bespoke restoration route.


Click Here to Download the Bespoke Build PDF Information - South Coast Mustangs Download Pack PDF

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