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Are you a Mustang fan, but prefer not to drive a Left Hand Drive (LHD) car?  We offer full conversion to Right Hand Drive (RHD).


This is not a simple change over.  5 major panels are removed from the car, with all original spot welds being drilled out, and replaced with factory stamped panels that are converted to RHD.


A replacement instrument bezel, dash pod, dash trim, is instaled, all correct for RHD conversion.


Furthermore, included in the costing, is a Rack and Pinion (manual or power), which continues the true RHD conversion, and dramatically improves handling.


The result is a RHD conversion perfect for UK roads, that appears as if it is a factory option.  If you're in Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, or any other RHD vehicle country, we are more than happy to discuss your needs.


This option is an addition to your bespoke / customised build.  The additional expense is in the region of £10,500 to £12,000 depending on original starting point and final specification.

RHD Conversions - 67/68 Mustang

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