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1967 Mustang Convertible - Photos of RHD in production

Below show pictures of a current / recent RHD conversion for a client.  The RHD Mustang questions the 1960's originality, but we proudly offer a conversion using factory stamped panels by Dynacorn, which create the appearance of a factory RHD car.  It's your Mustang, have it the way you want.


New panels include:

Dash Panel

Upper Cowl

Lower Cowl


Inner Fender RH & LH


These panels are spot and seam welded, and accurately put together with high attention to detail.


As part of the RHD conversion, a manual or power steering rack is always included, along with a modernised heater system.  Upgrading the steering system is essential when modernising a classic Mustang, especially when the intention is making something better than stock.  We use the technology Ford would have used if originally available.


If you are looking for a RHD 1967-1968 Mustang (Coupe, Fastback or Convertible), please send us a message with your requirements for a quote.



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